Terms & Conditions 

School of Dogs Limited     Terms & Conditions 

•    All clients will be deemed to have accepted ‘School of Dogs’ terms and conditions as laid out here before attending any of our dog training classes, daycare, dog sports & services. 

•    Full payment for services (agreed either at time of booking or subsequently) is to be made before attending classes, which is none refundable.   

•    School of Dogs holds Public Liability insurance; all dogs should be suitably insured by the client before attending classes. 

•    School of Dogs will make every effort to ensure your pets safety whilst participating in our classes, however, School of Dogs cannot be held liable for any injury that is sustained to a pet either inside our classes, or outside in your care.  

•    If your dog becomes injured whilst participating in our classes the client is responsible for any veterinary bills that may arise. 

•    School of Dogs must be alerted to any behavioural problems with their dogs at the time of booking.  Dogs that show aggression towards other dogs or people will be asked to leave the class. 

•    Behaviour problems must be addressed in a 1-2-1 class, so that we can ensure all of our other dogs and owners are at no risk.

•    You will be required to be in charge of your dog at all times, and must keep them under full control.

•    It is essential that all dogs participating should have a collar, leader, harness, no choke chains, or check collars can be worn when participating with School Of Dogs.

•    During the training sessions a variety of dog training treats will be used, you must inform the instructor of your dog’s dietary requirements. 

•    It is essential that your dog is physically fit and able to undertake dog training; it may be worth consulting your vet before attending the class to ensure that it is ok if you have any doubts about your dog’s wellbeing.   

•    All clients will be given a training development plan that documents your own learning.

•    At all school of dog’s classes and training areas, there is a no smoking or consuming alcohol policy.  

•    Children are welcome at our classes under supervision from parents.

•    All clients are asked to wear appropriate clothing for all dog training activities 

•    School of dogs use positive dog training techniques, we will not condone any handlers/owners using any harsh techniques in our classes.