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All dog training class are facilitated by Lee Ferry is a fully qualified ‘Canine behaviourist’, who has helped to train over 5000 dogs to modify or change their behaviors using positive dog training techniques.  This is a unique skill that has been developed by 20 years of hands-on experience, and a Degree in Canine Behaviour and Training from Hull University.  Within this time, Lee studied.

  •  Canine Behaviour and Training

  •  Canine Psychology 

  •  Canine Development

  •  Inappropriate Canine Behaviour,

  •  Psychopharmacology

  •  Breeding and Genetics,

  •  Canine Nutrition and Behaviour,

  •  Canine Welfare and Legislation

  •  Dog Training instructors for beginners to advanced pet dog obedience

  •  Certificated Agility Instructing to competition level



This degree certified Lee as a canine behaviourist and dog trainer.


Lee has also completed a work-based learning placement with HMSO Prison Detections Dogs and is a member of the professional pet guild and instructor and assessor for the Pet Dog Ambassador. Another highly sort after qualification in dog training.




This has to be one of our best reviews for our business by Simon King. 


It’s been my good fortune to find School of Dogs. Lee and Steph, who run it, are great people. Arty, my Labradoodle, and Fred the Dalmation are no strangers to staying with Lee and Steph on a regular basis.  I’m sure you’ll appreciate that I spend a considerable amount of time out of the County making progammes for TV and it’s invaluable to know that our Arti & Fred are well looked after.  I really can’t recommend School of Dogs and Lee and Steph highly enough. 

Not only are the dogs well cared for, loved, exercised and well fed, it's clear that Steph and Lee and School of Dogs go that extra mile; the dogs are always more disciplined when they come home, than when they were left.  If you get the opportunity and good fortune to have your dogs stay with Steph and Lee, then you’ll completely understand why I’ve given the testimonial I have.  They are good, kind people that genuinely love and understand dogs.  I’d hope so because Lee has a degree in K9 behaviour. 

So crack on, get them booked in, what’s not to love!

Best wishes and kind regards

Si King 

Hairy Bikers 


Most recent achievements within our business 


One of Lee’s most successful outcomes from working with dogs was ‘Alf’ a Staffordshire Bullmastiff which he saved from euthanasia. Have a look at the short film we have made about Alf


Lee also has very well attended dog club, with members working towards assessment to become ‘Friendship Dogs’ for Wag & Co.  Just recently one of the club members Lynn & Spud featured in Prima magazine promoting their volunteer work with people with dementia. 


This has led to Lee now working in partnership New College Durham to provide learning placements for their students from animal care courses, to learning skills in dog training and caring for dogs, we currently have four students on a weekly basis.


Lee has recently trained Sammy, a rescue Sprocker Spaniel, to be a School Dog at St Andrews Primary School in Bishop Auckland. Here Sammy reads with children to promote a love of reading and spends time with pupils who have social and emotional issues, to help calm them and give them “time out” from their own daily emotional struggles. In addition, Lee also delivered a dog obedience after-school club to pupils and their dogs, teaching them to be responsible owners from a young age. Headteacher Nicola James says, “Introducing Sammy to our school family has been a really positive move. Lee has helped us ensure Sammy was well prepared for the role and that all risk and temperament assessments were made.”


From the early days of School of Dogs’ being primarily a dog behaviourist service, the business has gone from strength to strength. From the addition of Dog Agility classes and Doggy Day Care facilities; the business really has gone from strength to strength. New for 2020, Lee is promoting his new School Dog Induction programme and a new Outdoor Dog obedience class and the brand new Teens stars class. 


Lee’s online presence has been essential in building the business. Help from Lee’s good friend Neal Harris has allowed the School of Dogs brand to be promoted locally and nationally.


Lee’s has also been very fortunate to produce a YouTube channel; where he can help to spread the word of positive dog training.  This would not have been possible without the help from Jon Stubbs and his son Lewis Stubbs.  Their vision for making dog training films has been inspirational and alot of the content, dialogue and film editing were from Lewis’s direction.  Sadly last year Lewis (18 years old) was involved in a tragic  plane accident. We will never forget him, his moto was ‘one life- live it’.  Therefore, we dedicate our Youtube channel to the memory of Lewis. We ask our followers if they help in his memory of planting a tree.


Lee was fortunate to work with Victoria Stillwell and her team, which led him to accepting an exclusive offer to join the VSPDT (Victoria Stilwell Positive Dog Trainers) team.  As an accomplished dog trainer, dedicated to maintaining the highest level of professionalism and expertise, while following the latest in the ever-evolving field of animal behavioral science, Lee offers the North East of England a dog training option they can rely upon to achieve results using the same science-based, humane methods displayed by Victoria on Channel 4’s It’s Me or the Dog.  Lee has also worked at Crufts many times with Victoria and the rest of the VSPDT team, promoting positive dog training techniques.  Lee is also a mentor for students on the VSA dog training course, he currently has 5 students working with him each week.

Lee was a Fully Graded Search Dog Handler for Search and Rescue Dogs Association, SARDA (England), with his border collie Bracken. This involved years of training with SARDA (England) to search mountains for missing walkers and despondent people.  They were involved in many callouts searching for missing people in wild and remote areas in their 10 years of service. Lee also went on to train Fern as a search dog, but this work was not for Fern. Lee stood down from this volunteering service in 2012.  Lee will always be extremely humbled to have been part  of SARDA (England) as they are one of the best dog training organisations in the world. 


2002 to 2018

2009 to 2019

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