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Hi, my name is Sandra. I’m married with 2 grown up children (both liv at home) and I work as an advanced nurse practitioner. I enjoy spending time with my dogs, training them and watching them grow and learn. My eldest dog Morty (a 5 year old bull lurcher) was rescued via the rspca and had many issues to overcome, which we worked on with help and support from Lee. He still has some issues but has turned into a big softie who likes nothing more than to settle on the sofa for a hug. He loves going out in the car and enjoys training classes. Our newest addition is a Dalmatian who we got from a breeder as a puppy and who is now just turned one. He is quite a chilled puppy on the whole and well settled into our home. He hates going out in the car and can be a bit nervous of the outside world at times but he follows Morty’s lead and does well. He can be mischievous but he’s mainly a good boy.


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